Miller Multimatic 215 Review

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Miller Multimatic 215 is a multiprocess welder that is designed to handle several welding processes, which include DC TIG, MIG, flux-cored and stick welding. Considering that it’s a multiprocess welder, this unit comes at a very low price. This welder would make a great choice whether you’re just starting out in welding or already an old timer. It can be used for small scale projects, such as metal art, home repairs, restoration, farm and ranch projects, and other. Keep on reading this Miller Multimatic 215 review to find out more about all the features of this multiprocess welder.


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Miller Multimatic 215 Features

miller multimatic 215 review

Ease of Use

Whether you’re a novice or an old timer welder, you’ll find it very easy operating this machine. It comes with everything ready for you to start welding and the unit has a color LCD display to guide you through the easy setup process.

The Auto-Set Elite feature allows you to quickly and easily set weld parameters for the material type and thickness that you’re working on. You can easily fine-tune these parameters to match your specific application. When you’re setting up the system, this function will ask you the following criteria: the welding process you’ll be using, material thickness and the diameter of the wire, rod or tungsten. Then, based on these criteria it will automatically determine weld parameters.

On the side door of the unit, you will also find a guide sheet to help you with setup and configuration. However, considering that the digital interface can also walk you through the easy setup process, you might not even need to use it.

On either side of the display, there are also knobs for adjusting the volts and wire feed speed to your particular needs. The auto-set elite function just puts you in the range and then using the knobs you can tweak the settings until you reach the sweet spot.

The welder also offers easy switching between the different welding processes. The auto spool gun detects feature automatically detects if you’ve connected a MIG gun or a spool gun. There are also two different gas inputs for TIG and MIG, so you don’t need to change the tanks every time you’re making the switch.

Quick Select Drive Roll

multimatic 215 featuresMultimatic 215 also features an angled drive system that has the quick select drive roll. It offers three grooves, so you can quickly switch between either two different sizes of solid wire or a flux-cored wire.

Smooth Start

The machine has a smooth start feature, which is the run at the speed of the drive motor. It means that the motor starts the operation at a slower speed and then ramps it up to normal speed. This helps to create a smoother arc with less spatter and eliminates popping starts.


Miller Multimatic 215 can run on 120V and 240V. To switch from one power input to another, you don’t need to use any tools for configuration. The multi-voltage plug allows making the switch just by choosing an appropriate plug for the receptacle and connecting the power cord.

It can weld up to ⅜” mild steel. The machine can also weld stainless steel and aluminum. However, this model doesn’t TIG weld aluminum, as it is DC only. For this, you will need to use MIG welding, which will require additionally purchasing a spool gun.



This unit uses inverter technology, which allows combining high power performance and portability with just 38 pounds weight.


There is a cooling system for the power source, which runs only when needed. This helps to reduce noise, make the system more energy efficient, and reduces the number of contaminants that get pulled through the unit.

Miller Multimatic 215 Pros and Cons


  • Multiprocess capability.
  • Has all the features to make switching from one welding process to another a breeze.
  • Very easy to use and has special functions to guide you through setting up all the parameters.
  • Simple controls allow adjustability of the settings to fit your application needs.
  • Has plenty of power to weld even thicker materials.
  • 3-year warranty.


  • For welding aluminum, you need to purchase the optional spool gun.
  • The TIG kit is also not included, which means extra expenses.


Bottom Line

Miller has made changing materials and processes with the Multimatic 215 as easy as possible. As you can see in this Miller Multimatic 215 review, the digital interface will help you set everything up and start welding in minutes. This machine would perfectly fit the needs of beginner, DIY and hobbyist welders. It’s also a great unit for professional fabrication work, though not for industrial use. We would recommend this machine to anyone looking for an affordable all-in-one welder.

Miller also makes some of the best welding helmets and other metalworking systems. Also, if you’re looking for just a TIG welder, a great model from Miller is the Diversion 180.

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