Miller Diversion 180 Review

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Miller Diversion 180 offers a powerful upgrade for TIG welding. It offers plenty of power, making it ideal for both professionals and enthusiasts. It’s very versatile and has numerous features to make your welding process easy and efficient. Also, if you’re just starting out with TIG welding, you probably know that learning this process can be a downright unnerving experience. But Miller has designed this product to be as easy to use as possible. In this Miller Diversion 180 review, we’ll go into detail about the features this welder offers, as well as its pros and cons.


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Miller Diversion 180 Features

Ease of Use

miller diversion 180 reviewThe Diversion 180 comes with an easy to understand operator interface. It will guide through the simple setup process. After you power up the machine, just select the material type and its thickness range, and you’re ready to start welding. You can also view all the settings chosen on the digital display. Then, according to the settings, the system will apply the appropriate amount of arc welding current.

The product also comes with a foot pedal and ergonomic TIG torch. The foot pedal can be used to control the power level in out-of-position applications. The air-cooled torch is rated at 150 amps and its compact and durable design is made to be comfortable in use for both professional and hobbyist welders.


The unit can operate on dual voltages. The multi-voltage plug features allow connecting to either a 115V or 230V receptacle. And you can do the switch from one to another without the use of any tools. You just need to choose the appropriate plug for the receptacle you’ll be using and connect the power cord.

The maximum output for this welder is 180 amps and duty cycle at this rated output is 35%. So you can continuously weld for 3.5 minutes using full power, after which the welder will need 6.5 minutes to cool down.

It’s also an AC/DC unit, so it’s applicable for both steel and aluminum welding. For steel, the material thickness range it can be applied for is 0.025 inches to 3/6 inches. For aluminum, the range is from 0.030 inches to 3/6 inches.


diversion 180 featuresAn inverter-based power source provides a smoother and more consistent arc than other TIG welders that use a transformer based power source.

The high frequency, non-contact start provides a dependable arc start every time of use. It also helps to avoid material and tungsten contamination during the welding process.

Miller Diversion 180 also comes with an Auto-Postflow feature. It automatically optimizes the post-flow time depending on the chosen amperage setting and eliminates the need to do manual adjustments. This ensures proper shielding of the weld pool and electrode without wasting gas.

The fan-on-demand function works by turning on the cooling system only when necessary. This helps to minimize noise, reduce power consumption and reduce the number of unwanted particles entering the machine.



The system weighs 50 pounds, so it’s light enough to be considered a portable welder. You can easily take it to remote sites wherever the work requires. However, its lightweight and compact design does not in any way affect its power and functionality due to the use of inverter technology.

Miller Diversion 180 Pros and Cons


  • The easy-to-understand interface and digital display allow even beginners to use it flawlessly.
  • Dual voltage plug for a quick change of the required power input.
  • AC and DC capability, so you can weld both aluminum and steel.
  • The use of inverter technology makes this unit both powerful and portable.
  • Dependable arc start.
  • Fan-on-demand prolongs the life of the unit and saves energy.
  • The auto post-flow feature prevents waste of gas and shields the electrode and weld zone.
  • Offers remote foot control.
  • Ergonomic and durable torch.


  • The price for Diversion 180 is quite high, so it might not be suitable for a budget buyer.
  • Not suitable for industrial applications.


Bottom Line

Miller Diversion 180 is a great tool for TIG welding, both AC and DC. It will do great work with steel, stainless steel and aluminum. It provides a consistent arc and beautiful welds. It is one of the more expensive welders, but for it, you do get a lot of performance, quality and functionality. It’s portable and can be powered by a generator, so it’s also good for work in remote locations. However, as we’ve pointed out in our Miller Diversion 180 review, it’s not suitable for industrial heavy duty applications and you need to set your budget high to get this welder.

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