Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Review

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Lincoln Electric Power MIG 210 MP is a powerful welder that offers multi-purpose performance and all the features that will help you in creating the most beautiful welds. It’s perfect for hobbyists and small contractors who need a versatile machine to do MIG, TIG, stick and flux-cored welding. Its ease of use makes it also a suitable machine for novice welders. This product is one of the best multi purpose welders. To find out why and if it has any disadvantages, read on below our Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP review.


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Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Features


lincoln power mig 210 mp reviewThe welder features a large color display screen, which guides you through the process of setting up the machine. The push-and-turn digital controls for adjusting amperage and voltage make the operation intuitive and easy. The machine also offers more advanced options and settings, but they are also quite easy to access.

The PowerMIG 210 MP is a 4-in-1 welder that has the capabilities of a MIG, TIG, stick and flux-cored welder. Depending on the process you want to use for the task at hand, you just need to connect the appropriate torch and ground clamp. Switch the digital controls to the MIG, TIG, stick or flux-core, check the gas connection and you’re ready to start welding.

However, keep in mind, that the TIG setting is DC only, so it’s not applicable for aluminum welding. If you plan to weld aluminum, you will need to get the optional spool gun and use it for MIG welding.


lincoln electric power mig 210 mp reviewThe versatile capabilities of this Lincoln welder are also provided by its dual voltage feature. So you can either operate it on your standard household 115V outlet or use a 230V option if you need more power for the task at hand.

The output power range differs for the voltage being used. For 120V operation, it’s between 20 and 140 amps. For 230V, it’s 20 to 220 amps.

The system offers a duty cycle of 25% at 200 amps, and a longer 45% duty cycle at 100 amps.

The unit has enough power and infinite wire feed speed range (50-500 ipm) to tackle plenty of MIG welding jobs. It can handle the maximum thickness of mild or stainless steel up to ⅜”. It can also weld up to 3/16” aluminum, but you do need to buy the optional spool gun for this. The flux-cored welding is suitable for working on the thickest metals. As for the DC stick option, it will handle up to 5/32” stick electrodes.



PowerMIG 210 MP is an inverter based welder, so it’s built with portability in mind. It weighs just 40 pounds, making it easy to use for on-site welding. Also, due to the use of inverter technology, you can also hook this machine up to a generator and conveniently use it in remote locations.


Lincoln offers a 3 year limited warranty for this machine. However, if you pay extra, you can further protect your investment by extending the warranty for 2 more years.

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP Pros and Cons

The Pros

  • The capability of running four welding process with just one machine.
  • Dual input voltage.
  • Plenty of power for a wide range of applications.
  • Strong and sturdy design: all-metal wire drive system and sheet metal construction.
  • Easy to use controls and a large display, which makes the process of setting up the machine a breeze. In all, this machine is easy enough for beginner welders, but also powerful enough for professionals.
  • Compact size, light weight and inverter technology, make it easy to transport and use it almost anywhere.
  • You can run the machine on a generator.
  • It has 2 built-in fans to keep the machine from overheating.

The Cons

  • Spool gun, TIG torch and foot pedal are sold separately.
  • Not meant for heavy duty projects.
  • Only DC TIG.


Bottom Line

Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP is one of the best rated MIG welders on the market. It’s built to last and makes a great choice for both novice welders and professionals. It offers plenty of power, great versatility with precise results, and all that in a compact and lightweight design. It gives you the ability to MIG, TIG, stick and flux-core weld, which is something you don’t see in products of the same price category.

However, if you need a machine just for MIG welding with just as much power, you can also check out Millermatic 211 and Hobart Handler 210MVP.

We hope you found this Lincoln Power MIG 210 MP review in determining if this is the right system for your needs.

Before starting out with your welding, make sure that you also have all the safety equipment ready, such as a welding helmet, boots, gloves, and other.


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