Goplus MIG 130 Review

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The Goplus MIG 130 welder is a versatile and portable unit, but with somewhat minimal welding power. However, for an affordable price, you get a truly portable unit with multi-purpose capabilities. It’s a great option for anyone looking to do light weight welding jobs either in professional or home settings. It works great for thin steel welding processes and auto body projects. Read on our Goplus MIG 130 review to take a closer look at this product’s features, advantages and disadvantages.


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Goplus MIG 130 Features


goplus mig 130 reviewIn addition to MIG welding, Goplus 130 also offers flux-cored welding capabilities. Flux-cored welding is a gasless type of welding, so you won’t need to spend any money on gas cylinders. In the process of welding, it self releases metal-inert gas, which protects the weld area from oxidation.


This welder works on a 110V/60Hz voltage, while the maximum power output is 105 amps. The voltage should be enough for most home projects or light workshop jobs. So keep in mind when considering purchasing this unit that it can’t fuse thicker metals. However, it works great on sheet metal, such as on auto body work. If you’re planning to use this welder in a professional workshop, it might be better to invest in a more powerful welder.

4 Heat Settings

The welder offers you 4 heat settings, so you can choose one required for your specific project. This versatility allows to easily weld over a range of applications. So, for example, if you need to make a deeper weld, you should choose a higher heat setting and accompany it with according speed.

Wide Feed Speed Control

goplus 130 welder reviewThere are 10 levels of wire feed speeds, which gives you more options for customization. For thicker sheets, you’ll usually need to use a higher speed. Combine the appropriate wire feed speed and a suitable heat setting, and you get a bigger variety of applications.

Portable Design

The body of this unit is made of heavy duty stainless steel, so it’s built with durability in mind. Another thing worth noting is the light weight of this MIG welder. It weighs just 35 pounds, which makes it one of the lightest MIG welding machines available on the market.

Its compact size also makes it convenient for storage, especially important if you have a small garage or shop. The lightweight design also makes it convenient to transport this welder from one location to another. Moreover, a handle on top of the unit makes it easy to pick it up and carry.


Long Cord

The Goplus 130 comes with a lengthy 72.5 inches power cord. This gives you more space to move around your area of operation. Additionally, the length of the cord with the welding gun is 65 inches.

Thermal Overload Protection

Most welding machines nowadays come with this feature as it’s important for preventing fire and other hazards. It works by shutting down the unit if you’ve been welding for too long. If you exceed the duty cycle, it can result in damage to your welding machine.


One of the downsides is the short warranty period this welder offers. The manufacturer offers only 6 months warranty. However, considering the price of this product, this is not very surprising.

Accessories Included

When you purchase the Goplus 130 welder, you will also receive a few extras in the package. In addition to the welding machine and gun, you also get a protection mask, brush, and a reel of 0.9mm, 0.55lbs welding wire. So the package comes with pretty much all the welding tools you need to start welding right away. However, keep in mind that you should also have a welding helmet for proper protection against the UV light and sparks. The provided mask is made of cheap plastic, so it won’t give you sufficient protection.

Pros and Cons of Goplus MIG 130


  • Versatility with MIG and flux-cored welding capabilities.
  • Easy to use, making it perfectly suitable for both hobbyists and professionals.
  • The affordable price makes it a perfect choice for entry-level welders.
  • The 4 settings and wire feed speed control offer plenty of room for customization according to the particular project you’re working on.
  • Does a great job welding sheet steel.
  • The 110V input can go with any domestic plug.
  • One of the lightest welders you can find.
  • Durable steel frame.
  • Long power cord.


  • No battery powered option. So you’re dependent on an outlet to make it work.
  • It’s not a very powerful welder, so it’s not suitable for those who plan on doing serious heavy-duty welding.
  • Short warranty period.


Wrap Up

If you’re looking for a unit for home or lightweight workshop welding projects, the Goplus 130 will likely meet your needs. However, it does not have the power or features to meet industrial application needs. It’s also a great option for beginners that are not ready to spend big money on their first machine. A lot of welders will also find the portability of this unit very useful if they constantly need to move it from a garage to a shop to the job site.

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