Forney 299 125fc Review

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Forney 299 125fc comes from a company that has over 80 years of experience in the welding industry. Over the years, they’ve maintained a good reputation for their products and the Forney 299 is one of the welders that stand out. It’s a flux-core welder that is primarily designed for newbies and semi-professionals that need the tool for light to medium tasks. Keep on reading this Forney 299 125fc review to understand what this welder has to offer.


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About the Brand

Forney Industries started their work in 1932, since then they have been manufacturing a range of high quality metalworking products. The company is based in Colorado, where they also design their products. The manufacturing, however, is located in Italy. The Forney 299 model was introduced on the market in 2015.

Forney 299 125FC Features

  • forney 299 reviewEase of Use. This welder is very easy to use, even for newbies. It features a plug-and-play design, just plug it in and it’s ready for welding. There’s no hassle with shielding gas. The set up is so simple that within 5 minutes you can already be working on your first weld.
  • Portability. The welder weighs just 42.5 pounds, so it’s not very bulky. You can easily transport it between your welding projects. It also features a durable handle on the unit to make it easier for the user moving it around.
  • Good build quality. Forney 299 125fc is made from durable plastic and high quality thin gauged metal.
  • The Forney Easy Weld is designed only for flux core wire welding. There’s no gas option. So you can weld with it mild steel, but it can’t weld stainless steel.
  • Duty cycle. The welder is rated for 20% at 80 amps. So you can weld for 2 minutes and then the welder needs to rest for 8 minutes. This prevents overheating of the welder.
  • forney 299 125fc review2 voltage settings. You can switch between a setting (lower) for sheet metal and a setting (higher) for thin plate welding. On the inside of the cabinet, you will find a quick reference chart where you can check the appropriate wire feed speed and power setting for the thickness of steel you’ll be welding.
  • Internal thermal protection. This safety feature automatically shuts off in case the unit starts overheating. It resets the tool until it’s cool enough.
  • The Easy Weld uses a standard 120V household outlet and can generate up to 125 amps. You can also power it using a generator, but check that it provides an appropriate power supply.
  • This flux cored welder can be used with 0.03-inch wire. As for the spools, it accepts 2 and 10 pound ones.
  • The welder comes with a 6-month warranty, which covers defects in manufacturing and workmanship. Claims for the warranty must be made within 90 days after the date of purchase.


The Good

  • Easy to set up and use. A good welder for beginners.
  • Durable construction, manufactured by a company with a reputation for good quality.
  • Compact and portable. You can also power it with a generator for work in remote locations.
  • The welds made with this welder come out strong and durable.
  • Can weld materials 24 gauge and up to ¼ inch.
  • A 20% duty cycle is good for semi-professional work.
  • Uses Tweco consumables, which provide a smooth and steady arc.

The Bad

  • It’s designed for light to medium duty jobs. So it makes a good welder for DIY projects around the house, garage or small workshop. It will not, however, handle heavy duty professional jobs.
  • Having only the flux cored wire option can be limiting for some people. A gas option would’ve given the possibility to weld more materials with better results.
  • The 6 feet length of the power cord can be a nuisance to some.
  • There are only 2 power settings, so it may not be flexible enough for more experienced welders.


Bottom Line

Forney 299 125fc Easy Weld is a great entry-level welder. It comes with a low price tag, has amazing features, and lots of advantages. Moreover, it offers ease of use and maintenance. So if you’re a novice welder, this product could be a great tool to practice your welds and polish your skills. Also, it’s simple, reliable, and consistent, so it’d make a great tool for hobbyists or anyone not doing any heavy duty production work. We hope that you find this Forney 299 125fc review helpful in understanding if this welder is the tool you’ve been looking for.

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