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How To Weld Cast Iron

Cast iron is one of the more difficult metals to weld. And given the brittle nature of the material and that it’s used everywhere from kitchen to workshop, broken cast iron parts are not unusual. The process of cast iron welding has a few ...Read More

What Is the Difference Between AC and DC Welding?

For many people, AC/DC gets them reminiscing about a certain era of rock music, but for welders it means polarity. Welding involves creating an electric arc between an electrode and the metal that is being welded. However, for creating the best welds, it’s important ...Read More

How To Become a Welder?

Welders work in various fields, from construction to car manufacturing. They cut, join and manipulate pieces of metal. It can be a rewarding career. However, becoming a successful welder requires proper skills and certifications. So if you’re interested in becoming a welder, you can ...Read More

Underwater Welding Dangers and Risks

Underwater welding requires extensive training and specialized skills. Being a dangerous career, the job offers the most attractive salaries. However, despite the dangers, many take on this lucrative career opportunity. They work in construction, surveying and repair. They frequently work on offshore oil rigs ...Read More

Welding Tools And Their Uses

To get started with your welding, you must have a set of at least basic equipment and safety gear. However, before getting to welding, we’d also recommend completing training, so you can learn how to properly weld and would know all the safety requirements. ...Read More

What Are the Highest Paying Welding Jobs?

Welders work in constructing and repairing metal parts. They can use a variety of techniques and equipment for a wide range of environments. However, the type of welding you specialize in can affect how much you make. So the rate of pay and available opportunities ...Read More

7 Most Common Welding Defects, Causes and Remedies

Defects are common in any type of manufacturing, welding including. In the process, there can be deviations in the shape and size of the metal structure. It can be caused by the use of the incorrect welding process or wrong welding technique. So below ...Read More