Best Multi Process Welders for the Money in 2021

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Welding different metals requires the use of different welding processes. And it used to be that you needed a different welding machine depending on the project at hand. However, that’s not the case anymore. Today, you can purchase a multi process welder that will handle all three main types of welding processes, which include MIG, TIG, and stick welding. So you will be able to handle any type of welding job without having to keep multiple welding machines in your workshop. However, not all machines can handle all the welding processes well. So here are the 6 best multi process welders for the money in 2021. In our reviews, you can find both budget and more expensive multi process welders ranging from under $500 to $1000 and over.

If you are not sure what to look for when choosing the best multi purpose welder, you can start by reading our buying section. There we mention the most important things to consider before making a purchasing decision.

Best Multi Process Welders of 2021 Compared

Image Product name Details Check price
best multi process welder for the money Weldpro MIG200GDsv
  • MIG/TIG/stick/flux core
  • Max 200A
  • 110V/220V
  • 30 lbs
multi purpose welder reviews Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210MP
  • MIG/TIG/stick/flux core
  • Max 220A
  • 110V/220V
  • 40 lbs
professional multi process welder Esab Rebel EMP 205ic
  • MIG/AC and DC TIG/stick/flux core
  • Max 235A
  • 110V/220V
  • 49 lbs
good multi process welder machine Everlast PowerMTS 211si
  • MIG/TIG/Stick
  • Max 210A
  • 110V/220V
  • 60 lbs
best multi process welder under 1000 Lotos LTPDC2000D
  • TIG/Stick/Plasma Cutting
  • Max 200A
  • 110V/220V
  • 32 lbs
good multi purpose welder for beginners Forney Easy Weld 140 MP
  • MIG/TIG/Stick
  • Max 140A
  • 110V
  • 24.8 lbs

Top 6 Multi Process Welders Reviewed

Weldpro MIG200GDsv – Best All-Around

best multi process welder for the moneyThe top rated multi process welder in 2021 is the Weldpro MIG200GDsv model. And this machine that brings the capabilities of MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core welding is a great choice for those looking for the best multi process welder under $1000.

With this welder, you can work with a variety of metals. Though there’s no AC TIG welding option. But if you do need to weld aluminum, you can purchase the optional spool gun and use it in the MIG mode.

The welder is also beginner-friendly as it offers simple to use controls and a large display. And while this welder is good for beginners, its multiple features and fine tuning capabilities also leave you with a lot to learn, so you won’t overgrow this unit.

Another advantage of this multi-process welder is its synergic design. It provides automatic adjustments of the voltage according to the wire speed. This is a great feature to have for beginners since it cuts time on trying to figure out how the two numbers work together. However, if you want more control over the voltage, you can also tweak it yourself by +/-20%.

It also includes an induction adjustment feature, which not many other welders have, especially in its price range. This feature provides smoother and cleaner welds that have a lot less spatter.

The use of the IGBT inverter technology allows packing a lot of power in such a small unit. It also provides dual voltage capability, so you can either use 110V or switch to 220V when you need even more power.

This machine is capable of delivering up to 200 amps with a duty cycle of 30% at this highest amp rating. The adjustable range varies depending on the voltage and process you use. For MIG and stick welding, it’s 40-120A and 40-200A at 110V and 220V respectively. And as for the TIG process, it’s 15-120A and 15-200A.

In the package with this Weldpro welder, you get a range of accessories included, such as the MIG and TIG torches, electrode holder, earth clamps, gas hose, flow meter, and more. You’ll only need to purchase separately the spool gun, wire, and gas.

This multi purpose welder is surprisingly lightweight. It weighs just 30 pounds and has a compact size, so you can easily transport it from one job site to another.


  • Capable of MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core processes.
  • DC lift TIG feature.
  • Dual voltage capable.
  • Max 200 amps.
  • Synergic design.
  • IGBT inverter design.
  • Large display.
  • VRD high temperature protection.
  • Overload protection.
  • Includes most accessories.
  • Compact and lightweight design.
  • Reasonable price.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • No AC option.
  • No foot pedal heat control for TIG welding.

Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210MP – Most User-Friendly

multi purpose welder reviews

The Lincoln Electric PowerMIG 210MP is another fantastic multi process welder, though it comes at a higher price tag. With this welder, you’ll be able to handle a wide variety of welding jobs, whether it’s in a small home workshop or your contractor job.

This multi purpose welder is designed for MIG, DC TIG, DC stick, and flux core welding. It’s a powerful device that MIG weld steel up to ⅜ inches thick and aluminum up to 3/16 inches thick. As for stick welding, it can take up to 5/32 inch electrodes.

Another thing that makes this welder so versatile is its dual input voltage, so you can choose to plug it into either 120V or 230V power supply. This gives you the option to use more or less power when it’s needed. The power output will depend on the voltage you select with the 20-140A range at 120V and 20-220A at 230V. Another bonus is that even when running at higher power, 2 fans in the back of the unit help to keep it cool.

A digital display contributes to the ease of use of this machine. It walks you through the setup, so you can easily select all the settings, such as the welding process, metal thickness, gas mix, and wire diameter. This can be especially helpful if you’re not experienced enough to remember the settings.

All the settings you can either adjust manually or let the machine do it automatically. You just need to enter your welding information and the machine will select for you the wire speed, volts, and amps. This can be very helpful for those who haven’t yet spent a lot of time welding. And even if you already have plenty of experience, this can still be helpful in speeding up the whole welding process.

Unfortunately, this multi process welder is DC only. This means that you can’t TIG weld aluminum. However, the unit comes with a spool gun, so you can weld aluminum in MIG mode.

If you’ll be buying this welder, keep in mind what comes included in the package. It comes with a MIG gun, stick lead, ground, flow meter, gas hose, and the spool gun. However, it does not include a TIG welding kit, so there’s no TIG foot pedal, torch or its parts.

You can buy the TIG kit additionally or opt for the K4195-2 model. It includes the base unit, but instead of the spool gun, it supplies the TIG welding kit.

This welder weighs just 40 pounds, so it’s lightweight enough to transport it from one job to the next without hassle. On top of the device, you can also find a convenient handle, so you can easily pick it up and carry it wherever you need to.


  • Handles MIG, TIG, stick, and flux core welding.
  • Digital display.
  • Easy to use controls.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Max 220 amp output power.
  • Automatic setting selection.
    Includes a spool gun and many other accessories.
  • Weighs 40 pounds.
  • Rugged and durable design.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • TIG gun and foot pedal not included.
  • No AC for TIG welding aluminum.
  • Expensive.

Esab Rebel EMP 205ic – Best for Professionals

professional multi process welderIf you’re looking for a true multi purpose welding machine, we recommend checking out the Esab Rebel EMP 205ic model. It offers the most flexibility for your welding needs as it is suitable for MIG, stick, flux core, and AC/DC TIG welding applications. The only thing that this all-purpose welder doesn’t offer is the plasma cutting ability.

There are a lot of features packed into this device that help you make the most efficient and most beautiful welds. One of those features is the smart sMIG technology. It continuously analyzes your welding technique and adapts to it as you work. This provides a stable arc and higher quality welds. If you’re an experienced welder, this will help you speed up the process. And if you’re a beginner, this will help you start working almost immediately.

The advantage of this sMIG technology is also that it eliminates the hassle of having to adjust all the settings. You just need to input the information about the material you’re working with and the machine will set up the wire width, speed, and other settings. This really helps to reduce setup time.

Another feature that stands is the AC and DC capability. This means that you can also use the welder for aluminum welding. The AC TIG capability also comes with a few advanced features, such as high frequency start, adjustable frequency up to 400Hz, balance adjustment and offset control. As for DC TIG, there’s also the option of pulse mode to 500 PPS.

The stick welding feature is perfect for welding heavier and thicker material. And the flux core option is great when you need to do outdoor repairs since you can work without bringing your gas bottles.

It’s also a dual voltage multi process welder, so the input power can be either 120V or 230V.

You can view all the settings on the large display, which gives you a clear view of all the information even with the helmet down. This display is designed to make your life and your welding work a lot easier. It guides you through the whole setup process, including trim adjustment, inductance, and spot weld control. It also gives you access to the user manual and the list of spare parts, with all of this being available in multiple languages.

The downside of this all-purpose welder is the high price. Due to its high price tag, it might not be the best option for beginners who might prefer something more affordable to start out with. However, if it fits within your budget, this machine will provide you with everything you need for your small fabrication shop or industrial application.


  • Capable of MIG, stick, flux core, and AC/DC TIG.
  • Smart sMIG feature.
  • AC and DC TIG capability.
  • You can connect two gases simultaneously.
  • High frequency start in both currents.
  • 5-235 amperage range.
  • Frequency and balance adjustment.
  • Pulse DC up to 550 PPS.
  • Dual voltage input.
  • Intuitive display and control panel.
  • Includes all the necessary accessories.
  • Weighs 49 pounds.
  • 3 year warranty.
  • Expensive.
  • No plasma cutting option.

Everlast PowerMTS 211si – Best for Home Use

good multi process welder machineOne more good multi process welder is the Everlast PowerMTS 211si. It also offers multi use capabilities that include MIG, TIG, and stick welding. This welder is a good choice for both beginners and professionals as it can perform nearly every task.

It’s not a cheap multi process welder, but for the price, it offers a range of features and enough power to handle most welding tasks. It’s also very easy to set up as it comes with a user friendly control panel.

This multi use welder adds the synergic capability to MIG welding. This means that if you adjust voltage or material thickness, the device will automatically adjust the power and wire speed. The result is a smoother and cleaner weld bead.

The welder also offers easy TIG use. It has high frequency and life start, so you can choose if you want the touch or touchless start. The benefit of the touchless is that it creates less slag and cleaner welds.

At 220V, you can MIG weld steel and stainless up to ⅜ inches thick or up to 3/16 inches at 110V. You can also TIG weld up to ¼ inches on a single pass and as for the stick process, you can use electrodes up to ⅛ inches in diameter.

There’s also dual input ability. The welder can run either on 110V or 220V power, so you can choose the voltage needed for different welding tasks.

Moreover, this 3 in 1 welder features an intuitive control panel. Though if you’re a beginner, it might take some time to get used to it. Among its many settings, it also allows to adjust slope/inductance, adjust arc force, adjustable back burn control and other settings. Another great feature of the control panel is the memory function. It allows you to save up to 9 favorite settings, which can be really useful when performing repetitive tasks.

The welder includes most of the necessary accessories. It comes with a MIG gun, TIG torch, stick electrode holder, cables, foot pedal, clamps, and more. So you get everything you’ll need to start welding right away, except for the gas. You even get a foot pedal, which you usually have to buy separately.

One of the disadvantages of this multi use welder is its weight. It weighs 60 pounds, so it’s not lightweight. It’s one of the heavier multi process welders on the market, which can be an inconvenience if you need to move it around a lot.

Another downside is that this device runs only on DC power. This means that there’s no option of TIG welding aluminum. There’s the option of MIG welding aluminum, but for that, you’ll additionally need a spool gun.


  • MIG, TIG and stick welding processes.
  • Maximum output of 210 amps.
  • Synergic MIG operation.
  • High frequency and lift start for TIG welding.
  • Adjustable inductance, arc force control, burn back control, pre and post flow.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Can save up to 9 favorite settings.
  • Includes foot pedal and other necessary parts.
  • Spool gun is not included.
  • No AC TIG option.
  • Weighs 60 pounds.

Lotos LTPDC2000D – Best Under $1000

best multi process welder under 1000The Lotos LTPDC2000D is another good multi process welder under $1000 that can do both welding and cutting through metal. This affordable 3 in 1 machine is capable of plasma cutting, TIG, and stick welding. However, there’s no MIG welding option.

The welder features a 50 amp plasma cutter that can enable you to cut a wide variety of metals, such as aluminum, stainless steel, copper, and more. It can make clean cuts through metals up to ½ inches thick, though most users have been able to make cuts only up to ⅜ inches.

There’s also the pilot arc feature, which means that you can cut metal without the torch tip touching it. This leaves less slag and better cutting quality, even if you’re working with a rough, rusty surface. On top of that, this feature extends the life of the consumables.

As for TIG and stick output, it ranges from 10 to 200 amps. It has a powerful high frequency TIG startup and provides a very stable arc. Though keep in mind that the TIG function is only in DC, so you will not be able to weld aluminum.

There’s also the easy arc start and adjustable hot striking arc current functions. Moreover, you can also use a foot pedal if you want more control over the weld. However, it is sold separately.

This multi process welder is capable of both light and heavy duty workloads. It offers dual voltage 110V/220V and dual frequency 50/60Hz capability. But to enable the unit to run at 110V, you’ll need to additionally purchase a pigtail.

The welder is equipped with a PAPST cooling system. This advanced technology provides efficient control of the engine’s temperature during the cutting and welding work.

This machine like many other multi process welders uses inverter technology, which allows it to have all the functionality and high power in a small unit. It weighs just 32 pounds, so you can easily transport it between workshops. It is also equipped with a handle on top of the unit, which makes carrying it even easier.

The Lotos LTPDC2000D model is a good welder, but it does have a few downsides. There’s no MIG welding process included and the foot pedal, as well as the pigtail for 110V connection, have to be purchased separately. Also, you can’t use third party consumables for this welder. You have to find those that are specifically made for this model.


  • Welding and plasma cutting combination.
  • Max 200 amps for TIG and stick.
  • Max 50 amps for plasma cutting.
  • Cuts metals up to ½ inches thick.
  • Pilot arc feature.
  • Dual voltage.
  • Dual frequency.
  • Duty cycle 60% at 200 amps.
  • PAPST cooling system.
  • Pre-installed MPT D plug and air filter regulator.
  • Includes a carrying handle.
  • Affordable.
  • No AC TIG welding capability.
  • No MIG welding.
  • The foot pedal is not included but can be purchased separately.
  • Cannot use third party consumables.
  • Only 1 year warranty.
  • The leads are a bit short.

Forney Easy Weld 140 MP – Best Budget Option

good multi purpose welder for beginnersForney Easy Weld 140 MP is the best beginner multi process welder. It is a budget welder that is good for various types of jobs whether you do professional or hobby welding. Though some advanced welders might find the basic features of this device a bit too limiting.

This budget multi process welder is good for MIG, TIG, and stick welding. When it comes to MIG welding, it can do both flux core and gas shielded welding, so you can choose the appropriate process depending on the application. For example, if you’re welding thicker metals or if the material is rusty, you could switch to flux core welding.

As for TIG welding, it only works in DC mode which is not surprising considering the price of this device. However, keep in mind that this means that you will not be able to weld aluminum.

The welder also features a lift arc start for TIG welding, which is not as good as the high frequency start but also not as bad as the scratch start.

Being a budget multi process welder, it only offers a single voltage option. You can connect it only to a 110V outlet, which would deliver up to 140 amps. This might not be enough power for professional applications, but for a hobbyist and for home use, it can still allow you to perform various welding tasks on metals of considerable thickness.

One more benefit of this beginner multi process welder is its ease of use. There’s no display but it has simple to use controls. For example, switching between welding processes is as simple as flipping a single switch, choosing polarity, and setting up the required welding torch. Additionally, it offers infinite voltage and wire speed control, so you can fine tune the settings for a perfect weld.

This welder comes with a set of accessories, which include a MIG gun, electrode holder, ground clamp, power adapter, and an additional contact tip. However, there are also parts that you’ll have to purchase separately, such as TIG torch, gas regulator, wire, and other accessories.


  • Includes MIG, TIG and stick welding processes.
  • Flux cored and gas shielded welding.
  • 110V input power.
  • Infinite voltage and wire speed control.
  • Maximum 140 amp power output.
  • Can weld materials up to ¼ inches thick.
  • Very lightweight at 24.8 pounds.
  • Affordable.
  • 1 year warranty.
  • Does not include accessories needed for TIG welding.
  • No dual voltage capability.
  • Does not have the capability to weld aluminum.
  • Low duty cycle.

Choosing the Best Multi Purpose Welder – Buying Guide

Buying a 3 in 1 welder is a big purchase since they don’t come cheap. That’s why it’s important to ensure that you are buying the best product that would serve all your welding needs and will offer you the best value for the money. In this buying guide, we’ll go over the main things to consider that will hopefully help you make the right purchasing decision.


When it comes to multi process welders, there is no standard set of welding processes that are included. Some of them can be 2 in 1 with only MIG and TIG capability, while others can be 3 in 1 welders.

The most popular combination is MIG, TIG, and stick welding, which is suitable for most welding needs. Some welders also add plasma cutting capability, which is handy to have for welding exotic metals.

Thin of which welding processes you mostly use. For example, if you’re a beginner welder, you’ll probably be mostly using the MIG process as it is an easier process to learn. It’s also the process you would most often use for bigger projects that require high-strength welds, but which don’t require a high level of cleanliness.

If you need precision and the cleanest look, you would use the TIG process. These higher quality welds are often used by ornamental welding professionals and sheet metal welders.

Stick welding is also a simpler process, which makes it a common choice among beginners and hobbyists. This process is also often chosen because of its versatility as it can be used on different metals. However, it’s not the most efficient welding process and the finished result usually doesn’t look very clean.

As for plasma cutting, it can be used for fabricators. Having this process included in your multi process welder can help you save time. All you’ll need to do is flip a switch, connect a torch and you’ll be ready to cut metal.

All these processes are useful to have in one welding machine. However, your work might be more focused on certain types of welds, so you wouldn’t be using the other processes that often. So consider your needs and choose a suitable multi-process welder, whether it would be one that would be able to handle two or three processes.

Metals Your Work With

Another factor to consider is the materials that you work with, as well as the gauge of the metal that you intend to weld. For example, if you regularly weld steel or stainless, almost any multiprocess welder will do the job.

However, if you also need to weld aluminum, the choice becomes a bit more complicated. For aluminum welding, you would usually use the TIG process but with alternating current. So if you want to TIG aluminum, look for an AC/DC multiprocess welder. But if you mainly weld aluminum, buying a dedicated TIG welder might be a better option since most multi purpose welders are rather expensive and they mostly weld only in DC.

Plasma Cutting Option

Consider also if the plasma cutting capability is necessary for you or not. Some welding jobs might include fabrication that will involve cutting through various metals. However, if your work doesn’t include it, you might prefer to skip on this additional feature that usually adds to the cost of the machine.

Amperage Range

The amperage range is another important specification of a multi process welding machine. When choosing one of these units, make sure that it comes with enough output power to handle the projects that you work on.

Depending on the gauge of the material that you will be welding, you would choose a certain amperage. The amperage will also depend on the welding process used. MIG and stick welding processes usually use a higher amperage to weld thicker materials. In TIG welding, on the other hand, the amperage is usually low. Lastly, the amperage depends on the type of material welded since different metals have different melting points.

If you’re buying a multi process welder for home use, a range of 150A to to230A would in most cases be enough. However, for professional use, such as auto repair, you might need higher amperage.

In all, consider the types of materials and their thickness that you will be working with and choose a welder with the appropriate amperage range.

Power Requirements

Welders can also use different input voltages. Some plug into 120V outlets, while others into 240V. The 120V option uses standard household power outlets, which is sufficient if you are just welding around the house or workshop. And the 240V option powers off a generator, which can be useful when you work off-site or when you need more power.

You can also find multi purpose welders with dual voltage capability. This gives you the ultimate versatility in the use of the machine as you can plug it in anywhere you want.

Included Accessories

Different multi process welders can include various sets of accessories. For example, check if the welder comes with a TIG or MIG torch. Or check if there is a heat control pedal for heat welding. When comparing multi process welders, make sure to take all these included accessories into account.


The ease of use is another factor of a good multi process welder. With a complicated welder, you’ll be spending more time adjusting settings rather than welding. And one feature that makes it easier to use a welder is the display. A good interface can make it easier and quicker to set up and adjust the machine as it will guide you through the process. Having a display also provides more precise control and helps in reducing errors and mistakes since you will be able to easily read all the inputs and outputs.


If you’re looking for portability, the weight of the multi process welder should also be taken into consideration. However, keep in mind that machines with lower weight usually have to sacrifice performance as robust engines and tougher inner parts usually add weight.

Ideally, you would want to find a balance between the weight of the machine and its performance. Though it would still depend on your work. For example, if your projects require you to move around frequently from one location to another, having a compact and lightweight machine might be more beneficial for you.

Other Features

Some of the other features to look out for include overload protection, lift start, and AC/DC capability. The AC/DC capability is especially important if you work on self-oxidizing metals, such as aluminum and magnesium, for which you’ll usually use the TIG welding process. Buying a multi purpose welder with AC/DC capability will provide the most flexibility in your welding process. However, keep in mind that this capability will also usually come at a higher price.


Setting a certain budget will largely determine which welder you should buy. A good multi process welder can cost as high as $1000 or even $3000, which still saves you money as you get multifunctionality in just one unit. You can also find cheap multi process welders under $1000, but they might not have the same quality or functionality.

When considering the price, don’t forget also about the extra costs. To be able to use your new multi process welder, you’ll also need additional equipment, such as protecting helmets, gloves, boots, etc. If this is something you don’t have already, you will have to add it to your expenses. So factor this in when deciding on your budget for the multi process welder.

Multi Purpose Welders Frequently Asked Questions

What is a multi process welder?

Multi process welders are all-in-one welders that are capable of performing multiple welding and cutting techniques. In most cases, it will at a minimum include MIG and stick welding. Often, it will additionally include TIG welding and sometimes plasma cutting.

Where can I use a multi purpose welder?

One of the main benefits of a multi purpose welder is that you can use it in a variety of applications. You could use it in your home’s workshop, in a professional welding shop or in industrial applications.

With the MIG and stick welding, you could use the welder in heavy steel construction, auto, and pipe repair. With the TIG welding, you could work on more artistic and more precise welds, such as work on sculptures, bike frames, fenders, and more.

What are the benefits of using a multi process welder?

There are a number of benefits to using a multi process welder, some of which are the following:

  1. Versatility. The main advantage of multi process welders is that they provide the ability to work in a wide range of welding applications. With just one machine, instead of two or three, you will be able to work on a variety of metal types and you’ll be able to carry out on them a variety of welding techniques.
  2. Space saving. Buying a multi process welder eliminates the need to purchase three separate machines. This means that you’ll need to find storage space for just one welder, which can be very important if space is limited in your workshop.
  3. Convenience. There is also a lot of convenience that comes with using a 3 in 1 welder. First of all, transporting just one machine from one job location to another is a lot easier than two or three. And secondly, being able to complete different tasks without having to switch machines every time can make your life a lot easier.
  4. Time saving. Switching from one welder to another in between tasks can take a lot of time. With a multi process welding machine, on the other hand, you just need to replace a torch and adjust settings. This leads to time saving as it helps you to finish your tasks faster.
  5. Cost effectiveness. Multi process welders are not cheap, sometimes costing way over $1000. However, it is still cheaper than buying a separate machine for each individual welding process.

What are the challenges of using a multi process welder?

Multi process welders also come with certain limitations. One of such limitations is these machines don’t always excel in all three welding processes. They might be stronger in one area than the other.

On top of that, most of these machines come only with DC capability. This can limit your TIG welding applications, such as AC welding aluminum.

Also, while having three welding functions in one unit does a certain level of convenience, it can also be a hassle switching from one process to another. For example, you might need to change gas, unplug and plug in certain accessories. All this takes time and it might be faster if you already had all the equipment at hand setup and ready to go.

Another disadvantage of multi process welders is their size. They are often bulky and heavy, which can limit your range of motion and reach. Also, it makes it difficult to reposition the machine every time you need to reach a different welding angle.

Final Thoughts

Not all welders are suitable for every welding job. By choosing a MIG, TIG, or stick welder you get a machine dedicated to a certain purpose. However, you can also choose a 3 in 1 welder that will offer the combination of these processes. This can help you save money, space in your workshop, and time since switching from one welding process will become just a quick change of accessory and setting.

After reviewing multiple multi purpose welders that are available on the market in 2021, we’ve narrowed it down to the top 6 models. These best multi process welders offer the most value for the money in terms of both quality and functionality.

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